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How do i look after my tattoo?
Once your tattoo is complete a film suggested by the artist will be placed on the area. Remove the film after the suggested time has passed. Wash the tattoo using warm water and unfragranced soap. Pat it dry with a clean, dry towel preferabbly kitchen roll and apply a thin layer of the recommended balm to the tattoo. Apply enough balm to make the skin shiny. Repeat the balm application 3-4 times a day, or whenever the skin is dry, for the whole of the initial 2 week healing period. After a few days, the top layer of the tattoo may start to peel, similar to a sunburn. Do not peel this off as it can take the ink out of your tattoo. It’s perfectly normal to see small flakes of coloured skin at this stage of the healing.
What should i avoid whilst my tattoo heals?
  • Submerging your tattoo in long showers or baths, it can loosen scabbing and be detrimental to the healing process. ideally take showers below 10 minutes.
  • do not go swimming in the ocean, swimming pools, hot tubs/saunas.
  • do not scratch or pick at your tattoo as it can disrupt the healing process of your tattoo, the allocated balm should help with a possible itching sensation.
  • remain from having your tattoo out in the sun or using a tanning bed until the tattoo is fully healed (approx 6 weeks) always use a high quality sunblock (never apply sunblock to healing tattoo)
How long will it take and how much does it cost ?
A difficult question to answer we're afraid. Tattooing is not a quick process, nor should it be rushed as you will be living with the results for the rest of your life! Each artist works differently and the subject matter, placement, design, amongst many other things will impact how long your tattoo will take. Your artist will give you an estimated quote before you book in, we will attempt to stick to this as much as possible but please understand that varying factors may impact how long the overall tattoo takes. Also understand if you change things part way through, make the design bigger etc this will also impact the overall time.
As for prices all artists charge varying rates. Some here at Warstone offer hourly rates as well as reduced rates for full day or consecutive day sittings. Other Artists will charge per design with a small window of variable price due to possible sizes and placements.  
we will always try to get you an estimate quote of Price and time before your session is booked.

How old do i have to be to get tattooed ?
18. This is the law, photographic ID will need to be seen if we ask. We can accept (current & in date); Passports or Driving Licences.
Does it hurt ?
 Yep. But not nearly as much as others want you to think. After a short period of time your body’s natural pain killers (endorphins) kick in and make things much more manageable. Different  areas may hurt more than others, but everyone's threshold varies so there is no definite answer to this question. It cant hurt that much either as we all wouldn't keep coming back to get more, and with the right prep you can make your tattoo experience a much more enjoyable time.
How can i best prepare for my tattoo ?
 Ensure that you are well rested, have had a decent meal and are hydrated.
Apart from that, charge your phone up, bring a good book/tablet, binge watch your fav shows on Netflix (with headphones to not disturb others getting tattooed) take a shower, don't get sunburnt and  wear comfy clothes (that you don't mind getting ink on). 
avoid shaving the area and leave that up to us on the day
Please try to avoid heavily drinking alcohol the night before as it can affect the tattoo process making it harder for the artist to get ink in your skin and therefore making longer and cost more for yourself
Im pregnant/nursing can i still get a tattoo ?
Unfortunately it is not advisable to undergo any body art procedure during this period so we wouldn't be able to accommodate any tattoos .The wellbeing of you and your baby comes first  It is best to let your body concentrate on the complex task at hand. when pregnant your skin is more sensitive and can add increasing stress on your body whilst tattooing possibly resulting in passing out. 
With breastfeeding some of the ink can penetrate the blood stream  though the above risks are minimal its worth waiting until after pregnancy/breastfeeding before starting or completing your tattoo.
Do i need to pay a deposit ?
Deposits are needed in order to secure an appointment - we take a minimum of £50  for most tattoos or £70 for a full day sitting. This comes off your total on the day. Deposits are non refundable and should you need to move an appointment we can only do so once provided we receive a minimum of 72 hours notice. 
Be aware certain artist may charge their own prices for deposits
Do you cover existing tattoos or scarring ?
We can cover tattoos, however this all varies depending on what you already have and what you’re looking to get. we will always give you an honest opinion on what we think is achievable with a cover up.
please be aware you also have less creative freedom when covering an existing are compared to tattooing over fresh skin. An in person consultation is generally advisable to have a decent chat and show you what we can do.

With scarring again this question is best answered after an in person consultation but generally the answer is yes. Scarring that is usually at least a few years old isn't normally a problem however this can vary depending on the type of scarring and how it has healed. 
Can i use numbing cream or painkillers ?
We are unable to give you anything prior to your tattoo, We can on occasion give recommendations though. however there are a few things to take into consideration. Numbing cream does not last all day, & once the cream wears off the pain can all come at once as your body has not had time to become used to the tattooing. Some creams can also affect the skin, meaning your artist has to work the skin harder than if you were not wearing it. This can lead to a longer tattoo time affecting the original quote we gave you possibly causing you to be charged more accordingly, it can also effect the healing. In regards to tablet painkillers, please do not take aspirin before coming for your tattoo. This can cause extra bleeding, reduce clotting, which will impact the quality of your tattoo once healed. 
Are your inks vegan friendly ?
Our inks are all vegan friendly although not all aspects of the tattooing procedure may be. If this is something you require please let us know in advance.
If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us and we will get back to you with all relevant information
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